Honolulu Shuttle Service

Our Honolulu shuttle service offers the highest quality transportation services. We also provide our clients a variety of sightseeing tours and excursions.

It’s a true nightmare to go to an unknown place without making prior arrangements. With proper planning and reservations, your stay in Honolulu would be enjoyable and hassle-free.

One of the biggest hurdles when visiting the area is to travel from the airport to your destination. If you drive your own car, you’ll find it difficult to park or pay an expensive parking fee, even for a few minutes. Thus, it makes sense to just hire a Honolulu shuttle service, like Fly Shuttle Tours.

Our shuttles are built with different features. This is to ensure that your travel will be extremely easy and comfortable. If you prefer luxury vehicles, we can offer you our luxury limo service for your luxury ride.

We’re known in Honolulu for our professionalism and reliability allowing us to be the number one choice of local and international tourists for their tours within the area. We cater to individuals who are looking for high-quality yet affordable shuttle services in Honolulu.

Our transportation services are not limited to airport service. We also specialize in providing services for sightseeing tours, corporate meetings and appointments and other special events.

Fly Shuttle Tours have various fleet that you can choose from depending on your needs. Our vehicles will include SUVs, sedans, limousines and other shuttles.

shuttle service in Honolulu

Reliable and Affordable

Our prices and rates are extremely affordable. This is one of the reasons travelers and visitors opt for our services. We offer great packages and discounts regularly. Our reservation process is also straightforward.

Convenient ride

The seating arrangements of our shuttles are highly comfortable. They’re all equipped with musical system and AC.

Our shuttles can fit a great number of passengers than public taxis. We also include customized stops based on the needs of our passengers or customers.


The safety of our passengers and guests are our first priority. Thus, we ensure that all of our vehicles are without flaws. We do acknowledge the fact that anything could happen in the road. Thus, our vehicles are filled with additional gears, such as GPS, extra tires and batteries for safety purposes.

We will also provide a replacement ASAP if our shuttle is damaged.

You can book for our shuttle service online. Or you can opt to call us at 808-436-3744 for city tours and other activities.