Finding the Right High-Quality Upholstery Supplies for Mattress Construction

The keys to constructing the best mattresses that clients will love are comfort and durability. But to ensure the mattresses are durable and comfortable, mattress constructors should consider getting excellent materials from a reputable source. US mattress makers don’t need to search for the best upholstery supply shop “near me” on Google. They know that they can contact Pacific Supplies directly to supply them with the materials that they know to make comfortable and durable mattresses. 

Upholstery Supply Shop “Near Me” to Find the Best Quality Supplies 

Pacific Upholstery Supply has been the preferred upholstery supplier of manufacturers and designers, not just in California, but also in the entire US, since 1946. Furniture makers and upholsterers choose Pacific Upholstery Supply because they know the company offers high-quality materials at very reasonable prices. It’s one reason the company has become a leader in the textile industry. 

The company also stocks all the nonwovens required to construct a comfortable, durable mattress. 

  • Quiltback: It utilizes a wide range of stitch partners on quilting machinery. 
  • Flange: It’s one of the elegant ways to finish the mattress. A flange is a decorative border of fabric that can vary in size. 
  • Dust cover: It can be made of woven or non-woven fabric. As the term implies, its purpose is to prevent dust accumulation in the mattress. 
  • Box topper: It’s a fabric that protects the top of the box spring. A topper can change a mattress’ firmness level. When a thick model is added, it can provide extra cushioning to a firm bed. 
  • Inner panels: They are layers of fabric that offer protection to the outside surface from the inner parts of the mattress. The layers can help in extending the lifespan of the mattress
  • Stitchbond: It’s a non-woven construction. To form the fabric, the fibers are stitched and knitted with a knit fabric appearance. 
  • Xsoft pocket coil cover: Pocketed coils are spring coils. They are wrapped individually in nonwovens to offer personalized conformance. The X Soft Pocket Coil cover offers a wrapping layer for every coil to improve conformance and allow better quality sleep. 

Trust Pacific Upholstery Supply

Whatever the supplies needed by the mattress constructors or furniture makers, they can trust Pacific Upholstery Supply to have high-quality upholstery supplies. The company understands that to make the most comfortable and durable mattresses, the makers must provide great craftsmanship. And to achieve it, the quality of the materials plays a huge role. 

And where they source the supplies can make a difference. That’s why they pick Upholstery Supply because of the company’s unparalleled customer service. It also offers converting services for non-wovens. 

Textiles are indeed vital in upholstery. However, having the right accessories can transform a furniture project into a great one. The proper accessories can add a classic flair to any piece of furniture. 

To start shopping for high-quality materials for mattress construction, don’t Google the “upholstery supply shop near me.” Instead, call Pacific Upholstery Supply directly at (323) 321-2222.